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We support the needs of bereaved family members who are unable to attend the funeral in-person, through virtual memorial services.  Our virtual memorial services includes the following:

  • Capture and live stream the funeral service
  • Host the virtual funeral service
  • Facilitate recorded tributes shared from remote participants
  • Provide a digital copy of the live streamed memorial service

Why do we care?

COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of life, including end of life rituals, from spending time with loved ones in their final moments, to memorial services, and burials. We recognize that celebrating a loved one’s life creates challenges:

  • Families are dispersed geographically across states
  • COVID-19 has limited families to having small private memorial services

We support the needs of bereaved family members who are unable to attend the funeral in-person, through virtual memorial services.

Why Should You Consider a Virtual Funeral Service?

  • Access – Provide the opportunity for those far and nearby to participate in commemorating a loved one even if they can’t attend in person
  • Personalize – We can personalize the memorial service to include tributes for those attending in-person and remotely
  • Social Distance – Facilitate health and safety needs for family members during the pandemic
  • Dynamic – Families are more comfortable with live video, which can add a personal touch
  • Recorded Memento – Live stream recordings can serve as a memento to family, friends or well wishers

Questions & Answers

  1. Can a memorial slideshow be displayed on-location during the funeral service? – Yes, we’ll need a digital copy of your memorial slideshow and we’ll display it on-location.
  2. Can you prepare a memorial slideshow for the virtual funeral service? – Yes. We will need you to provide the pictures and tribute information for the slideshow and we’ll prepare a randomized slideshow for you.
  3. Can my remote family member say some words at a live streamed funeral service? – Yes, we can incorporate tributes by remote family and friends into the live streamed funeral service.
  4. When does a live streamed funeral start? – We usually start live streaming the virtual memorial services 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time of the service.
  5. What should I wear to a live streamed funeral? – Generally, there’s no dress-code for people bearing witness at a virtual memorial service, however, dressing up for the occasion may certainly help you to feel like you’re a part of the service.  Wear what you think is appropriate.
  6. Where should I watch a live streamed funeral? – Choose an environment where you will feel comfortable and that has a reliable internet connection.

Virtual Funeral Services

When your family and friends can't gather to honor a loved one, let us live stream the memorial service. Get remote support and tributes when people can't attend.

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